Unifying 90+ Web Sites

An education web site looks to bring a single look while improving product selection.


A Fractured User Experience

Rapid site growth created numerous microsites, each with different styles. Product selection was difficult, with important content buried. This increased task time and caused user frustration.

Key Focus Areas

User Testing

Identify key tasks. Observe usability testing. Document user feedback and interpret findings.

Identify Content Categories

Audit site and identify new content. Understand Sharepoint to maximize design capabilities.

Create Efficient Navigation

Identify primary and secondary navigation types based on user needs. Final concepts were tested with key user types.

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The new page architecture with an improved IA

Key Links grouped key tasks based on the needs of the various users. Placement beneath the hero ensured visibility and improved task time. New, key events and calendar events were pre-populated using Sharepoint content types.


A stable design ensured the site remained 300% longer than the typical average of 2 years. This is estimated to have improved ROI. User satisfaction also improved based on initial research. Page scrolling was also reduced by 90%, and page link density by 50%.

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