A Tailored UX to Improve Decision Making

A business services firm seeks to bring it's offerings across all 3 breakpoints while reducing task time.


Too Many Clicks

Users sought to look for product info based on their specific needs. Because of the wide variety of product offerings across industries, users needed to load multiple pages to get to the info quickly

Key Focus Areas

User Testing

Identify key tasks. Observe usability testing. Document user feedback and interpret findings.

Mobile First

Create an experience across all breakpoints, adapting to the content based on user tasks.

Create Efficient Navigation

Identify primary and secondary navigation types based on user needs. Final concepts were tested with key user types.

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The new homepage with tools to access content based on the user's needs.

The key area on the left side of the page is used to call attention to a content customization selector. Based on their selection, more specialized content is displayed.


Users were able to quickly locate information, which reduced task time. Based on initial user testing, user satisfaction improved as users could more easily locate content.