Creating a device agnostic experience.

An e-commerce retailer seeks to ensure a consistent experience across all breakpoints with a unified design.


An Inconsistent Experience

In the current design, the mobile experience was inconsistent with the desktop. Additionally, the existing design caused frustration as users couldn't perform the same tasks on each device.

Key Focus Areas

User Testing

Identify key tasks. Observe usability testing. Document user feedback and interpret findings.

Mobile First

Create an experience across all breakpoints, adapting to the content based on user tasks.

Task Flow Efficiency

Identify areas of improvement to reduce task time and engagement.

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A mobile-first redesign was created to unify the experience.

Users can now perform the same tasks on any breakpoint. Also, task time was reduced as the main CTA interaction is simplified.


Because of the consistent experience, users could spend more time on mobile devices and perform the same tasks. This increased the number of page views on mobile while improving user engagement.